About Spices !

We have the choicest menu for Vegans ,Vegetarians & Non-Veg. We serve Appetizers, Soups, Salads, North Indian and South Indian Entrees, Beverages, Beer, Wine and much more. We use spices from India that are believed to have a positive impact on your health.

Here is a description of spices that we use in our kitchen
Used in most Indian dishes, imparts rich looks great aroma and flavour when ground before cooking. Benefits: Blood purifier, improves liver function, prevents cough and colds, improves skin tone and is an antiseptic

Lends a distinctly sharp taste and aroma. Benefits: Improves digestion, lowers cholesterol controls blood pressure, inhibits cancer, prevents coughs and cold, has anti-nausea, anti-clotting properties.

Pungent smell a great compliment to ginger. Together emit and appetizing aroma when sautéed as seasoning in most dishes. Benefits: Lowers cholesterol, inhibits rheumatism, has anti-cancer, and flatulent and anti-bacterial properties.

Very aromatic when freshly ground adds bite to the food giving it a mysterious after taste. Benefits: Effectively wards off colds and threat infections.

Used wholly in rice and meat preparations. Also used in powdered form in baked foods. Benefits: Controls gum and tooth infection, anti-nausea, controls colds, strengthens nerves and improves circulation.

One of the main ingredients in curries used wholly as popular seasoned Benefits: Good digestive especially to settle heavy meals.

Mostly ground and sprinkled for their pleasing aroma. Indispensable to many preparations including desserts made from milk. Benefits: Cardamom prevents formation of kidney stones, cinnamon helps fight diabetes and food poisoning while nutmeg helps relive stress.

The most expensive spice. Imparts great looks and exclusive flavor to rice, meat, seafood and deserts Benefits: Cures anemia, is a heart and a nerve tonic and has anti-aging properties.

The most sought after garnish enhances freshness and flavor of any dish. Benefits: Good for digestion and indigestion.

Gives Indian curries and gravies their irresistible looks and legendary hot character. Benefits: Said to contain vitamin C and most likely to be effective in curbing tendencies to overeat.